Specially designed items

Through our collaboration with our partners we are able to create any type of item from a drawing in any of the technoplastic materials available on the market as well as complex systems such as tanks, towers, and tubs for the galvanizing, chemical, and tanning industries.

Once we receive a detailed technical drawing (.DWG or .DXF file), including measurements, tolerances, project specifications, and materials, we can provide a complete quote within 24h.

> packaging
> paper industry
> mechanical industry
> textile industry
> food industry
> pharmaceutical industry
> aerospace industry
> laboratories
> precision mechanics
> automotive
> transport
> displays and fashion


Available machinery: Vertical CNC (Computerized Numerical Controller) machining centre, high performance CNC automatic roll former, CNC 3 axis pantograph, CNC turning centre, CNC mechanical milling station, cold bending machine for polycarbonate, etc.


We can provide the following upon request:
> cylindrical or other shaped tanks in thermoplastic material, with the appropriate accessories based on the intended function;
> complete acid fumes aspiration and treatment systems with related washing towers and fume abatement;
> treatment and washing tubs for the galvanizing, chemical, and tanning industry including exhaust hoods.