Your warehouse in our company.

Our warehouse is in continuous expansion to contain the stocks of those customers who share their level of consumption with us and request a 24/48 hour shipping service.
Consequently, products are always available at the same prices for the entire year while reducing management, storage, and conservation expenses.
Customers who require dedicated stock at our warehouse can ask it directly to their sales account or send an email to, including:
> items and sizes
> yearly consumption
> purchase lots and expected frequency of withdrawal
> minimum stock quantity required
> duration of the agreement
The Commercial Department evaluates the feasibility of the request and responds, eventually confirming acceptance and indicating the start date.
For not usually stocked and highly-customised products, we require a written commitment to buy the entire stock upon expiration of the contract.


Upon request from the customer, we can also:
> indicate the customer’s item on the box for easier reception
> provide kits with the operator names for whom the material is intended
> besides standard packaging (boxes, bags, and pouches) purses, luggage, and reusable covers can also be produced with ad hoc shapes, sizes, and colours.