Design and creation of custom clothing

In collaboration with brands such as SIGGI and Payper, along with other Italian manufacturers, we are able to design and create custom clothing. This service was implemented to be able to satisfy Customers who need to have their corporate logo on the clothing worn by their technicians/operators or to develop specific pieces of clothing that cannot be found on the market.

During the planning phase, the necessary requirements in terms of regulations and standards* as well as functionality according to the job performed by the person wearing the clothing are identified along with the customer
We then pass to the actual design phase in which we establish the following along with the Customer and supplier:

Cotton, polyester/cotton, trivalent, Nomex, etc.

Overall, brace overalls, jacket and trousers, shirts, etc.

To be designed based on the corporate image

Once developed and produced, the prototypes are provided to the Customer for testing and final validation.

*If the clothing falls in risk category III, the product will be certified by external accredited authorities and will be accompanied by all necessary technical documentation.