User manuals for operators

We can design COMPANY GUIDES with individual sheets for the items used by the Customer, containing technical and commercial information and usage instructions in collaboration with the HSE Office.
For each PPE used, the standard sheet contains:
> image
> detailed description
> brand and model
> risk category
> regulations
> company item code*
> job*
> use standards*
> equipment and frequency*

* Data provided by the Customer
Other data can be added upon Customer request, such as place of use, operator class, synoptic summary tables, etc.

The Guides can be printed in Pocket format (14×11 cm) so they can be distributed to all operators, facilitating staff education and training, as set forth in current regulations. This also facilitates and rationalizes supplier orders, entry checks, and internal withdrawals. The Guide PDF file can also be easily inserted in the Customer’s Network.

Examples of PPE guide pages created for a Customer