Unigum, in collaboration with MULTI-TECH srl, is able to offer its customers a CUSTOM solution for any need in terms of rationalization and monitoring of PPE consumption through distribution from dispensers.

Multi-Tech S.r.l. offersMULTI DPI, a simple and rational service through which we can make the primary personal protective equipment available inside the work area 24/7, 365 days per year.
Thanks to the use of dedicated automatic dispensers and simple and safe information systems, distribution management and detailed monitoring of all withdrawals is possible..

The system uses ALWAYS NEW, LATEST GENERATION automatic distributors, specifically set up and configured:
> spiral dispensers
> tray dispensers
> dispensers with integrated solutions

The presence of dedicated software ensures the availability of new functionalities for both withdrawal authorization and use statistics.
Using their company badges, users can withdraw the required material and the related transaction is recorded by the system.
The MultiDpi2 software allows you to create and export reports (grouping the data by article, facility, location, dispenser, user, department) in real time via a network connection or with the desired frequency thanks to special devices with a USB terminal.


> reduced consumption
> products available 24/7
> cost savings by optimizing distribution times and reducing the commitment of warehouse workers and department heads
> direct monitoring of consumption and lack of withdrawal with a significant increase in safety
> ease of use
> compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 81/08
> possibility of managing small and medium products of any shape and in any package..

Customer Freedom

The items dispensed will be evaluated with the Customer.  Please send us a sample of the PPE currently used in your company in order to verify the most suitable type of dispenser.

Multi-tech technicians will identify the most suitable set up, modifying it based on your needs and the sizes of the individual products.

Dispenser set up

We choose the most suitable Automatic Dispenser for the customer’s needs.. Each machine is customized based on the individual product and consumption, to optimize reloading operations. Multi-Tech hardware with proprietary software are installed in the dispenser in order to authorize the withdrawal and record the event. The service also includes installation of a company badge reader on the dispenser (Badge, RFID, Barcode).


The user is identified by their personal company badge, then selects the product using the keypad and withdraws it from the compartment. The system stores the time, badge number, item, dispenser, department, and facility when the product is dispensed.

Software always up-to-date

The MultiDpi2 proprietary software allows complete control of the distribution of each item. In the networked version, the data are available in real time. The easy and intuitive home page offers managers , the access menu using quick keys. The MultiDpi2 software is made up of various databases: Facilities, Dispensers, Items, Profiles, Departments, Users. Guided operations support the supervisor in managing the facilities, items, users, and in exporting the report. Movements can be entered manually, which is indispensable when providing employees with larger products or for spot distribution alongside automatic dispensers. The convenient item status function notifies the supervisor when the minimum number of each item has been reached inside the automatic dispenser. Ability to manage different types of automatic dispensers at the same time..

Exporting Reports

The MultiDpi2 allows you to create/export reports, sorting the data by item, facility, location, dispenser, user, and department for each time period.

Reports can be printed or exported in the most common formats – Word, Excel, PDF – for subsequent processing by the customer, as desired.

PPE Dispenser Model

This is the ideal dispenser for the proper balance between performance, dimensions, and load capacity. The same size dispenser is clearly superior in load capacity when compared other dispensers: with 54 selections in a maximum width of 90 cm.. The new internal LED lighting and Full Size display window offer perfect visibility of the products available. Conveniently transportable through any type of passage. Ideal for batch installations and in locations with a limited number of users, intended to dispense small and medium-sized products.

TEN6 Drawers
9 Spirals
Dimensions (cm)
L=90 W=85
MSY1515 Trays
Rotary units
Dimensions (cm)
L=90 W=85

Example of dispenser rental service

Identification of the dispenser and configuration based on the Customer’s needsIncluded in the Fee
Dispenser installationIncluded in the Fee
MultiDpi2 software installationIncluded in the Fee
Training on use of the dispenserIncluded in the Fee
Training in the use of MultiDpi2 softwareIncluded in the Fee
Enabling the company badge reader system to identify the userIncluded in the Fee
Supply of Company BadgesYour Responsibility
Technical SupportIncluded in the Fee
Monthly fee for each machine
*6 month Batch contract, 1 dispenser
Monthly fee for each machine
*36 month Batch contract, 1 dispenser
Payment conditions
Damage to automatic dispenser due to improper use or vandalismYour responsibility
Network computerYour responsibility
Power supply cables and network connectionYour responsibility
Further software installation or personal instruction for reasons not due to our malfunctionYour responsibility