When Art becomes education to Safety

The core idea is to promote the usage of Personal Protective Equipment’s through unconventional images that do not highlight feelings of fear and concern, rather beauty, care and consideration of ourselves. We combined together some of the most iconic and worldwide notorius art-masterpieces with top-notch PPE’s tools to turn the perspective of PPEs upside down:

“not an uncomfortable and annoying tool anymore but a trusted friend that will help you to get a better and safer life”

Lady with an Ermine (1488-1490)

Leonardo da Vinci

Synopsis of the original painting

The painting was commissioned by the end of 15th century to Leonardo by Ludovico Maria Sforza (also known as Ludovico “Il Moro”) when he was given the prestigious honorific title as “ Cavaliere dell’Ordine dell’Ermellino” by the king of Naples. The painting depicts the young Ludovico’s mistress, Cecilia Gallerani, holding an ermine on her lap whose pristine white fur symbolyzes purity and integrity. The greek word for ermine is “Galè”: this is supposed to be an undisputed hint to Cecilia Gallerani. As a matter of fact, the little animal resembles more a ferret or a marten than an ermine: these animals impersonate the meaning of lust, quite the contrary of chastity and purity.. The truth is that recent studies, performed with cuttingedge technologies capable to virtually penetrate the painting’s layer, proved how Leonardo painted a slim and delicate ermine in the very first place. Due to the persistent Duke’s demands, he painted it once more to shape him bolder, powerful and more robust in order to mirror the Duke’s personality of influential man of power and warrior.

The lady with the mask (2015)

Marco Rindori

Synopsis of the artwork’s copy

As the story goes, Ludovico Maria Sforza, also know as “Il Moro”, gave this gracious pet (symobl of purity) to Cecilia, in order to keep her company whilst he was far away from Milan. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes.. Though, the ermine was used to chase after Cecilia everywhere: most of the time he obliged her to cuddle and brush him for hours, looking carefully at what was happening all around. The dame seems to turn her gaze as if she is looking at someone else who is stepping into the room and the ermine does exactly the same. However, very soon what was supposed to be a delightful diversion turns out to be a subtle torture. Even worse, the daily and uninterrupted contact with the ermine’s fur (since the little pet was used to sleep aside her) burst into a sort of allergy (like Rosacea) with unsightly rash that damaged her wonderful face. This is why Marco opened some of the windows of the original painting with a view to air out the whole room, but the issue still lingered unsolved and no medicine could fix it. So, after that the 3M’s experts suggested us to use the disposable respirator 3M Aura 9332+. At this point, Marco let her gently dress it on and she became <<The Lady with the mask>>