Who we are

The best solutions in the safety equipment market for over 70 years.

Active on the market for over 70 years, Unigum is dynamic and attentive to the customer's needs and able to work alongside any company or industrial group in looking for the best solutions that the "Personal Protective Equipment" market offers.


Unigum is a trustable partner, which means much more than a simple supplier.
Unigum establishes trust and generates a real add-value for its stakeholders. Read More According to us, quality means understanding the customer’s needs and providing solutions to accomplish them. Furthermore, we select as suppliers only the best manufacturers whose brands guarantee high quality, research and innovation of the products.
Unigum’s strong point is its team: all the employees are qualified and experts. This ensures the quality of the services performed, which are a key part of our business model.



The individuals who work with us are key resources and must be valued. Read More Human resources are key factors for creating the necessary conditions for customer satisfaction. At the same time, a comfortable environment and a peaceful and collaborative atmosphere are crucial to maintaining a motivated and high-performing team. In this regard, Unigum created the Living Project. It regards initiatives placed “inside and outside” of the company with the aim to make our reality more stimulating and enjoyable for the workers and the guests.



At the beginning of 2013, we obtained UNI EN ISO 14001 certification. After a depth examination of our environmental impact, we built a 197 Kwp photovoltaic plant that made Unigum independent from an energetic point of view and covered the needs of another 50 families. Read More The plant is on the new roof, which is made with plywood from controlled re-growth plantations. We also replaced the gas boilers with a VRV heat pump system, mostly supplied by the photovoltaic plant to nullify atmospheric emissions.
The replacement of the roof allowed us to insert a layer of thermal insulation that led to 16 times fewer dispersions and to an extraordinary improvement in the microclimate inside the warehouse, where the lighting and heating systems were also improved. We replaced the traditional light bulbs with lower-consumption LED bulbs.



Unigum is an ethical company seeking to obtain Customer Loyalty by sharing Values (such as trustability, honesty, competence, ethics, and sustainability) and looking for the same values in its Suppliers and Employees. Read More Our company management model has been aligned with standard SA 8000, renewing our commitment over the years to reconfirm our compliance with international standards and, at the same time, guarantee to our partners our respect for human and social rights. We have also shared and undersigned the Assosistema Code of Ethics.

Our History

Founded in Florence at the end of the 40s as a small distributor of plastics and industrial items, Unigum evolved over the years, making PPE distribution its core business while at the same time broadening its range of actions from the regional to the national level. The company ensures reliable and highly specialised and customised service, in line with the best European and International standards.
This is proven by certifications released by DET NORSKE VERITAS:
ISO 9001 since 1999
SA 8000 since 2008
OHSAS 18001 since 2010
ISO 14001 since 2013
ISO 50001 since 2016
ISO 27001 since 2019
We also have membership in the EcoVadis platform that inserts our company into a certified, sustainable supply management system (Sustainable Supply Management).
Unigum is also certified ISO 50001 Energy Management System, making evident the commitment of the Company in terms of environmental respect. Unigum is a green company that has reduced its environmental impact over the years. It has installed a photovoltaic system on the warehouse roof, making it energy independent and with zero atmospheric emissions.
The team currently counts 52 employees, including 18 technical specialists, carefully trained to satisfy customer needs and guarantee the highest level of service.
Unigum is a founding partner of Assosistema Safety. It promotes, by itself and through the association, a series of informational campaigns aimed to promote the usage of Personal Protective Equipment through unconventional images and increase operator awareness of safety in the workplace. These initiatives include the campaigns DPI NO CORE… NO MORE and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF… YOU ARE A WORK OF ART, in which Art (with a capital A) becomes education about safety, promoting the use of PPE through unconventional images that leverage beauty and the desire to love oneself.



  • Unigum celebrates its 70th birthday
  • 500 years from Leonardo da Vinci’s death


  • Unigum incorporates Agrindustria, that now becomes its branch office for Rome and central/south Italy/
  • China celebrates the Year of the Rooster
2017 - L'anno del Gallo in Cina


  • Unigum incorporates NES Italia S.r.l. in Calenzano
  • Felix Baumgartner jumped from a helium balloon, 39,045 m high in the stratosphere, and becomes the first man to exceed the speed of sound.
Felix Baumgartner


  • Unigum acquires MG S.r.l. in Modena
  • Steve Jobs presents the iPhone, the first touch phone in history.
Steve Jobs


  • Unigum S.r.l. becomes Unigum S.p.A.
  • The European Huygens probe arrives on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, after a 7-year journey.
Huygens arriva su Titano


  • Unigum turns 50.
  • Benigni wins at the Oscars with La Vita è Bella.
Roberto Benigni Oscar


  • Agrindustria S.r.l., a company controlled by Unigum, is founded in Ciampino (RM).
  • The Akashi Kaikyō Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, is inaugurated in Japan.
Akashi Kaikyō Bridge


  • Casa dalla Gomma becomes UNIGUM S.r.l.
  • IBM launches the Convertible PC, the first laptop computer.


  • Opening of the Calenzano warehouse purchased the previous year.
  • Grease opens in American theatres.


  • The second sales location opens in Florence in Via Doni 38/R.
  • English scientists Watson, Crick, and Wilkins win the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their discovery of the structure of DNA.
Watson, Crick e Wilkins


  • Casa della Gomma, a shop specializing in retail sales of technical industrial items and plastics opens in Florence in Via Condotta 56/R.
  • Columbia Records introduces the 45 record in the United States.
45 Giri