PPE No Core… No More


“Enhancing the use of personal protective equipment at the workplace”

What level of attention should be paid when talking about Personal Protective Equipment? Answering with the heart, we would say the greatest possible attention. The health and safety of the workers must always be safeguarded. So, in this case, the heart would not advise us badly. Then, safety procedures and rules cannot be disregarded. In compliance with safety regulations, it is necessary to choose Quality products and reliable Suppliers.

The Environment and the Person are certainly well-established priorities, but, still, in many companies, the PPE is considered a “NO CORE” product, reducing the level of attention and knowledge that determine a good safety company policy.

In this framework, we decided to play our roles in increasing the awareness of the importance of PPE, providing an original and effective representation of these tools through unconventional images. At first, our images intrigue and then interest Users and Operators, making them talk about safety.

Team Unigum S.p.A